Area Info

Grand Forks is situated in the beautiful Boundary Country of the West Kootenays. Our community is surrounded by fresh, pristine waters from the Granby and Kettle Ricers and is nestled in a breathtaking and unique east/west running Valley.

Grand Forks is a scenic community of approximately 4500 residents that boasts four season living with recreational activities to match. Grand Forks has a rich Doukhobor heritage with many of the residents being related to past Doukhobor settlers.

Grand Forks is located in southern BC near the BC/Washington border. Driving time from Vancouver, BC is approximately 6 hours, from Calgary, AB it is approximately 7 hours, and from Spokane, WA it is approximately 2.5 hours. It is only 15 minutes west of beautiful Christina Lake, BC – the warmest tree-lined lake in Canada.