Farewell to our 20 year olds

To our 20 yr olds ……

Thank you! Your time playing for the Border Bruins may becoming to an end, but you will forever and always be a part of this team and community.

August Demaere, “Auggie” there will never be another Bruin who will have given more heart and soul to every single game, or practice. You truly have the heart of a champion and true competitor. You lived for every win, and felt every loss. We truly thank you and appreciate everything you have brought to this organization and we look forward to watching you continue your journey. We hope that you will come back from time to time and share your passion once more.

Liam Stalwick, even though your time was cut short due to a shoulder injury, we want to Thank you! You were fierce on the ice and always fun to watch. Voted in as Captain by your teammates, you were a true leader and always took ahold of your team. Your years spent as a Bruin will always be appreciated. We are excited to see where this journey takes you.